Peach Specialty Products
6890 Hudson Village Creek Rd, Bldg #E
Kennedale, TX  76060
Ph: 817-480-7071 Fax: 800-655-7491
Quality Products, Competitive Prices

With over 25 years of combined experience in manufacturing and sales, Peach Specialty stands ready to serve the needs of our customers with many types of Seals, Gaskets, Machined Parts, O-rings, Back Up Rings as well as custom molded rubber products .  We offer competitive prices due to low overhead as well as excellent customer service to back the quality products we sell to our customers.

Now, also catering to the Aerospace industry with fasteners and to-print machined parts to both
OEM and US Government procurement standards.    

O-rings   Back-Up Rings  Seals    Gaskets     Ring Joint Gaskets     Spring Loaded Seals  P Seals  PE Seals  Vee Packing Sets  U Packings  Seat Seals  Body Bushing Seals   Hammer Union Seals, Victaulic Seals  and more...

       Phone: 817-480-7071    Fax: 1-800-655-7491    E-mail: pete


Let us be your supplier for Seals and Gaskets, Back-up Rings, custom machined parts, etc!  We are conveniently located in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area, and are ready to serve our customers statewide or nationwide! 

Peach Specialty has many years in the custom molded rubber business and can assist you with all of your rubber molding needs with compounds such as  Nitrile, FKM, HNBR, Neoprene, Silicone, or any customer compound.  We use the customer's existing mold or build a mold to customer specs. 

We also stock AS 568 O-rings in standard compounds such as Nitrile and Viton.  HNBR is also available.  We supply all Backup o-rings in all the popular sizes and materials such as HNBR Backup rings, Nitrile Backup rings, Teflon Backup, etc.

For questions or a quote on any of our products, please call, e-mail or fax us today.  Peach Specialty looks forward to doing business with you.


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